Thursday, October 1, 2009

How's that for Service!!

Jay, Jillian and I headed to Pizza Hut (our usual stomping ground---just a different location) but we got there around 1:20 pm...maybe 6 tables were filled with people. We wait and wait...finally a waitress comes over and says "Just sit anywhere" so we weave our way through the restaurant around dirty table after dirty table...finally we arrive at a clean table in the back and settle in. We wait and wait for a waitress to bring menu's and I finally get up and steal one off the cash register, but while I was gone she came and dropped a couple off. So we figure out what we're getting then wait, and wait....and wait....and wait....and wait. FOR 20 MINUTES!!! we finally got up walked out. But I get ahead of laid-back, easy-going husband stops me at the door and says "hold on" then goes to the counter and asks who the manager on duty was. When she looked up and said "That's me" he said "my family and I have been waiting for 20 minutes for service" she was like "oh....uh, OK" then went back to what she was doing!!! He was soooo mad he demanded the regional managers phone number and is going to call them later! WOO YOU GO, JAY!! He was like "This is ridiculous! No one even took our drink order and you're not even busy!"

(no we didn't do this! LOL Pizza hut doesn't HAVE ketchup)

So, I think deep down he's hoping to get someone in big trouble--or at least a free pizza! LOL

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