Friday, October 2, 2009

Poodles and Zippers ...I DID IT!

I completed a poodle skirt for's a little longer than I wanted but it'll still be adorable on her. I have to complete the top, find a scarf and some keds-type shoes (I'd like saddle but they're like 30 bucks!!) did I mention I'm going to try to make a petti-skirt to go under this bad boy!? THAT'LL TAKE SOME WORK! LOL

anyway--I can't show you the WHOLE outfit, that would take away my Halloween posts! here's the completed skirt...matched perfectly with the Alcatraz tee she swiped from Aiden :) (in case you haven't realized yet---when we're home we rarely get fancied up complete with hair, bows and clothes! LOL)

It was my first time doing a zipper!! I'm so proud of myself and would like to extend a HUGE thank you to YOUTUBE.COM for the video how-to! LOL

Jillian had a blast twirling around and around...I managed to snap a picture of her looking at the dog but she wouldn't stop twirling long enough to actually take a decent picture.

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