Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!

I've been busy entertaining (I don't do that very well...sorry guests!) My parents just left and arriving today is my mother-in-law....so in between these visits I got the urge to create...I feel it deep in my bones and nothing else gets rid of it until what I set out to do is completed....while the outfit isn't completed the tops are. So please check out my latest project---Jillian's Christmas outfit..one of them anyway--I plan on making another one with darker Christmas hues and more formal prints.

Jeans with ruffles or appliqu├ęd or decoupage will be added to this fun set...I made the peasant top white to go with anything--even "Non" Christmas outfits....and the twirl top with Michael Miller fabrics, and the straps are suspender-clasped on!! (allow me to be boastful...but SUPER CUTE!!!) lol
Keep in mind this is a long top...so with her bloomers on it looks like an awfully short dress! LOL

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Olivia said...

Oh that's super cute Janelle!! And so is sweet Jillian!