Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just before the batteries died...

I caught the cutest pictures from the pumpkin patch!! I just had to share them. The pumpkin patch is just not like they are up north....some times I miss my northern life soooo bad it aches...fall is pretty much that time. I miss the apple orchards, the pumpkin-patches, the hay rides, the crisp air, moving from shorts to jeans and short sleeves and tank tops to sweatshirts (I LOVE sweatshirts..adore them infact....if they're roomy and comfy!)

But I don't live up there--I live down here.....and the apple orchards and pumpkin patches I once loved and looked forward too don't exist down I make the best of what I have. In the Valley we have a pumpkin patch that a local church does. I've gone there 2 or 3 years now in a row, normally, while it's not a northern patch it isn't too bad....but this year...this year was a pathetic showing. Maybe it was the lateness in which we went, maybe it's the heat, maybe it's PMS...I don't know...but the rotting, stinking pumpkin "patch" was a huge bummer. In fact, we left and went to HEB (our grocery store) and bought pumpkins!!

Jillian enjoying the pumpkin patch

While I was there though I got a couple cute shots of Jillian and some of her friends :) and in true "I'm-kinda-having-a-bad-day" fashion...the batteries promptly died.

"R", Jillian and "D" going into the pumpkin patch!!

She thought it was a "put-your-face-in-and-take-a-picture" type Pumpkin

if you look closely you'll see the girls posed in front of the decaying pumpkins....what better way to say "HAPPY FALL YA'LL" than posing your precious bundles of joy in front of a huge pile of rotting, stinking, fly-ridden pumpkins. LOL --- I just didn't realize how horrible that was when I took the picture...what is WRONG with me?!

That mound of pumpkins behind them...yeah, ALL rotten!! GROSS!!

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Will and Vannessa said...

We must have JUST missed you guys!!!! But we took pictures in front of the rotten pumpkins too. I will just say they are exotic Rio Grande Valley pumpkins....